Our Work

Women & Girls

Ethnic minority women and girls are among the most marginalised in the community and face unique cultural challenges. We provide support, build women’s networks and empower women by upskilling them.


Ethnic minority youth face numerous challenges in accessing tertiary education and job opportunities. We provide university scholarships, work internships, soft-skills training and jobs. Through our work we have created opportunities for youth to gain higher education and improve their credentials and skills to secure employment.


Large family sizes, language barriers, and limited access to education often make it challenging for ethnic minority families to access resources and support. Through our work, we provide dedicated assistance to enhance the overall well-being and cohesion of EM family members at different stages of life - from children with SEN, to parents, homemakers, and the elderly. We firmly believe that every member of the ethnic minority community deserves to feel cherished and cared for.

Mental Health

One in 7 people in Hong Kong suffer from a mental health disorder. We provide free one-to-one counselling services for ethnic minority adults and children in English and regional languages like Hindi, Nepali and Urdu. Through our work with the community, we have developed resources to help other mental health professionals.

Emergency Relief

We assist low-income ethnic minority families struggling with food security. We provide them with basic daily necessities like staple food for a short period of time. We also assist girls in the community struggling to buy menstrual care products.


Ethnic minorities are a valuable part of the Hong Kong community and represent a fast-growing population. We believe they bring ethnic diversity to Hong Kong and add to its uniqueness. We ask the government to consider appointing ethnic minorities with the relevant skills to HKSAR Advisory and Statutory Bodies (ASBs). Through our Diversity Lists, we have identified qualified and committed individuals in the community willing to serve.

Policy Recommendation

Since 2013, The Zubin Foundation has made policy recommendations to the Chief Executive of HKSAR. Our hope is to drive key policy making decisions concerning the lives of ethnic minorities.

Institute of Racial Equality

The Institute of Racial Equality organises conferences, curates discussion panels, and provides training to the corporate, education and government sectors. Through honest conversations and shared experiences, our goal is to combat racism and dispel stereotypes about Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities.