The Problem

In our daily direct communications with our service users and through our projects, we have observed the ethnic minority youth and job seekers need assistance in job hunting – ranging from career planning, CV writing, cover note writing, and interview skills, to how to communicate with colleagues and external stakeholders professionally. Recognising the gap in the employability capacity in the community, The Zubin Foundation launched the Online Training Academy in October 2020.

Our Work

Our Online Training Academy is a platform providing free training for ethnic minority youth. The modules help hone specific work-related skills of for those in university or in the early stages of building their career. The trainers are corporate volunteers who provide this one-on-one training on the following topics: 

Employability Language Soft-Skills Mental Health
  • Career Exploration
  • CV Clinic
  • Interview Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Office Manners in Hong Kong and Working with the Wider Population
  • Cantonese for Beginners
  • Cantonese for Workplace
  • Business Writing
  • Time Management: Balance Your Work, Study & Life
  • Financial Literacy
  • Networking Skills
  • About Your Mental Health 
  • Resilience and Mindfulness

Since 2019, 796 ethnic minority individuals and 528 corporate volunteers have participated in the project, with over 1,700 sessions organised by The Zubin Foundation.


Our Impact

Our Partner

To view all the participating partner companies and individuals who have trained ethnic minority youth, please click here.


To join the Online Training Academy to receive free training, WhatsApp +852-9133-4700 or email

To become a partner, contact:

Talha Qureshi Muhammad | Senior Project Officer | | +852-5561 6525