The Problem

Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong often face difficulties in securing a job due to various reasons like language barrier, lack of knowledge about where to search for jobs, insufficient job-hunting training, and not up-to-standard CVs. All these factors combined can hinder their job search process. 

Our Work

There is no better way to enhance one’s quality of life and social mobility than by having a job that unleashes one’s potential and contributes to society. 

Since 2022, The Zubin Foundation has launched LifeSkills Programme for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong in partnership with Barclays, to provide specialised support to EM job seekers with job opportunities and career development. 

The Zubin Foundation, together with our partners in the private sector, developed the Opportunity Bank app – available for free to download on iOS and Android – and the web portal. The aim of Opportunity Bank is to provide ethnic minorities in Hong Kong with an easy-to-access platform for jobs, training, welfare schemes in Hong Kong, and general COVID-19-related information. 

Opportunity Bank received the Certificate of Merit in the Hong Kong ICT Award 2021 in the Smart People (Smart Inclusion) Category. To view the platform or download the app, click the button below: 

Our Impact

Our Sponsor

Barclays (2022-2023)

Our Partner

We are grateful to organisations for promoting open positions on our platform and providing jobs to the ethnic minority community.

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If you are an Equal Opportunity Employer and want to promote an open position in your organisation or are looking for a job opportunity, contact Opportunity Bank at