The Problem 

Fewer ethnic minority youth pursue higher education than the general population in Hong Kong (18.2% vs 31.2%) *. Many ethnic minority youth stop further education after high school while some even drop out during high school due to financial barriers. The reason is they want to get into the job market as soon as possible to lift the financial burdens off of their families and therefore, sacrifice their education dreams, and future aspirations.  

Women and girls in the community usually face extra barriers when it comes to further education. According to our service users, some say they are being seen as a “burden” to their families, and some are forced into early marriage. This is likely to be enhanced in this time of economic recession. ​ 

The Zubin Foundation Scholarships for tertiary education aim to empower our ethnic minority youth to break intergenerational poverty and financial and cultural barriers by providing them with resources to study further.

*excluding Indian Households. Source: Census and Statistics Department Hong Kong SAR (2021); 2021 Hong Kong Population Census; Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department


Our Work

Sub-degree and Undergraduate Scholarships

  Swire TrustTomorrow Full Tuition Scholarship

Full Tuition Scholarship​ 

Young Women Scholarship​ 

Applicable for 

Ethnic minority starting a 4-year undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s degree) programme at any of the eight UGC-funded universities. 

Ethnic minority starting a 4-year undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s degree) programme at any of the eight UGC-funded universities 

Full-time young woman ethnic minority student (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, or Year 4), who will attend a tertiary education institute in Hong Kong  for a given academic year 

Period Covered 

4 years 

4 years 

1 year 


Tuition fees (HK$ 42,100/-) + HK$22,900 stipend per annum for 4 years of UG degree


Tuition fees (HK$ 42,100/-) for 4 years of UG degree


One-time stipend of HK$20,000 

Terms and Conditions 

Swire TrustTomorrow Scholarship


Full Tuition Scholarship 



Young Women Scholarship 



Postgraduate Scholarships

We work with other trusts and charities to seek funding for Postgraduate scholarships for ethnic minority students. 

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