Anti-Racism Toolkit

A Toolkit for Racial Inclusion in Hong Kong 我有(不經意地)歧視你嗎? : 一本專為香港共融而設的反種族主義工具書

Often we think we are not racist, but there are things we do that make ethnic minorities (EMs) feel excluded or inferior. As a Chinese person myself, working with ethnic minorities has taught me about micro-aggressions, the small but everyday things that are racist without knowing they are.

To not be racist is not enough.

As Chinese people represent 92% of the Hong Kong population, if racism is to end in the city, it would need the majority population to help change negative beliefs. To be an anti-racist, I understand that I need to be proactive about calling out racism in Hong Kong. I hope that you will also commit to being an anti-racist.

This toolkit will take you on an info-packed journey to help you understand and become an anti-racist in Hong Kong.

I am still learning, and I welcome any thoughts or comments you have. Contact me at:

Thank you very much for using this toolkit.

Matthew Yu

Project Manager

The Zubin Foundation

通常我們認為自己並不是種族主義者,但我們的所為卻讓少數族裔 (EM) 感到排斥或令他們自卑。 作為一名華人,與少數族裔的工作教會了我關於微歧視 (micro-aggression)。各項日常小事竟是種族主義的行為,而我們卻不自知。


華裔人口佔香港百分之 92。如要在這城市結束種族主義需要廣泛市民來改變原有的負面信念。而作為一名反種族主義者,打擊種族主義需要更積極、主動地行動。我希望你也能成為一個反種族主義者。




Matthew Yu



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First Edition: 20 Oct 2022 | 初版: 2022 年 10 月 20 日

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