The Problem 

One in four ethnic minority families lives in poverty, and COVID-19 worsened their situation. With widespread unemployment, particularly in elementary jobs at the airport, catering, and construction, many of the primary breadwinners in the community were out of jobs during the pandemic. This has further deteriorated the ethnic minority community’s poverty situation, leaving them vulnerable and financially unstable. 

On our helpline, Call Mira, we observed an increase in the number of calls for help. These calls were from those who were unable to afford food and other daily necessities.   

Our Work 

Care Box started in 2020 as an immediate response to feed the hungry, affected adversely by COVID-19 in the ethnic minority community. We have continued to distribute Care Boxes to our neediest community members at regular intervals during the year.   

Each Care Box contains masks and essential food items such as whole wheat flour/atta, rice, lentils/daal, cooking oil, milk, and other items. It can support a family of five for 3 weeks.    

Terms & Conditions for Care Box Applicants

Our Impact 

Our Sponsor

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