The Problem 

Despite making up 4% of Hong Kong’s population (excluding domestic helpers) and their significant cultural and economic contributions, The Zubin Foundation found that ethnic minority residents were significantly underrepresented in the Government’s Advisory Bodies (ASBs). In fact, according to our study in 2020, only 1.9% of the ASB positions were held by ethnic minorities. This meant that voices from an important and growing constituency were not adequately reflected  — or even heard — in government policymaking.

Our Work
In 2016, The Zubin Foundation partnered with Spencer Stuart, a leading recruitment firm, to launch Diversity List, Hong Kong’s first list of ethnic minorities that are qualified and committed to serving on Hong Kong’s government committees. Below are all the diversity lists we have launched so far:

  1. Diversity List 2020: Women’s Voice
  2. Diversity List 2019: Youth to Watch
  3. Diversity List, Community Connectors & Youth to Watch 2018
  4. Diversity List & Community Connectors 2017
  5. Diversity List 2016

Our Impact 

The initiative was an immediate success. Congratulations to 25 of our 2016-2019 Diversity List Finalists who were appointed to the 37 government advisory committee positions!

Our Sponsors

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