The Problem 

 In 2018, the Call Mira helpline and Smart Parent workshops at schools were launched. From the helpline and engagements with the parents, we learnt about many of the challenges children were facing at home and school. Many parents related that they were struggling to manage their children’s behaviours at home and needed resources and support.

Our Work 

The Zubin Foundation’s Children’s Counselling Centre serves children aged 5-16 in the ethnic minority community providing them support through free counselling in English and Hindi/Urdu. 

The counselling sessions help children who are looking to enhance their social-emotional skills to manage everyday stress and anxiety, gain confidence, improve social relationships, resolve conflicts, and discover essential tools to help thrive and unleash their greatest potential. 

Some common issues our clients come to talk to us about are: 

Abuse (physical, emotional, sexual) 

ADHD  Anger Management Anxiety 
Behaviour issues  Bullying Depression Family/ Relationship conflict
Gaming/Internet Addiction Low Self Esteem Social Skills Building Special Education Needs (Mild to Moderate)
Stress Trauma    



  • Identify as Bangladeshi, Filipino, Indonesian, Indian, Nepali, Pakistani or Sri Lankan 
  • Age Group 5-16 years 
  • Complete a parents’/guardians’ intake assessment and consent form before the child starts counselling

Opening Hours

We operate from Monday to Saturday (except for Public Holidays) at The Zubin Foundation.

Our Team 

  • Dr. Ravina
  • Dr. Melissa Ortega Giglio

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Our Impact 

Our Sponsor

Operation Santa Claus  


To make an appointment please WhatsApp, text, or call 9682-3100.