The Problem 

It is not uncommon for families we serve to have 5 or more children. Coupled with these larger family sizes, many in the community, particularly mothers, lack formal education and lack access to social networks. With their children in public schools where the preferred language of communication is Chinese, parents feel left out and unable to support the needs of their children. The lack of government and social support available to non-Chinese-speaking parents has taken an emotional toll on families.  

Our Work

Since September 2018, The Zubin Foundation has been offering free workshops and support groups for parents in the ethnic minority community. Our work with parents takes place through public schools and other NGOs. Workshops are skills focused and tend to be larger in size. Support groups are intimate and mothers are able to share their problems in a confidential setting.

The topics covered range from ADHD, Autism, the ABCs of parenting – Attention, Believing and Bonding, and Communication, helping parents understand healthy boundaries, parents’ stress management, and many more.  

The workshops are designed to provide simple home-based techniques to increase parent and child communication, nurture family relationships, and allow parents an opportunity to learn new tips and tricks in problem-solving with their children. They are interactive and bring parents together to share and learn from each other. All workshops are conducted in English, Hindi, and Urdu by trained counsellors from ethnic minority communities.

Our Impact  

Our Sponsor

The Community Chest 


Contact Anky Chau if you are interested in having us run a workshop at your school.

Anky Chau | Office Manager  | 2540 9588