The Problem 

A survey we launched in 2020 revealed that one-third of ethnic minority women were unable to afford sanitary products and 65% of them said their family’s financial burden would be reduced if they had access to free sanitary products for their monthly period. The Period Poverty Survey was completed by 288 individuals in the Hong Kong ethnic minority community with 43% of respondents being Pakistani, 23% Indian and 16% Nepalese. This was the first survey of its kind in Hong Kong. 

Our Work 

The Red Box project aims to address period poverty by providing girls and young women to receive free menstruation supplies from LUÜNA and educating them about better hygiene and care for mental and physical health.  

  • 12 months of sanitary products (organic products)
  • 4 x mandatory training about their physical health and mental health
  • access to counselling should they want it

Terms & Conditions for Red Box Applicants

Our Impact 

Our Sponsors
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Our Partner

LUÜNA Naturals launched in Hong Kong in 2019. They are a purpose-led period care company with a mission to create honest periods- free from toxins and taboos. Their product line includes healthy organic cotton pads, tampons and liners, and a reusable 100% medical-grade silicone period cup.  

With social impact at their core, they use 10% of every sale to fund donations of pads to vulnerable groups across Asia, and for every LUÜNA Period Cup they sell, they donate one to the needy. For more details about LUÜNA, please visit theirwebsite. 


To sponsor Red Box distribution, please get in touch with: 

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