The Problem

Ethnic Minority youth in Hong Kong often face difficulties in securing a job due to various reasons such as language barriers, insufficient training, and not up-to-standard CVs. A lot of them had never had an internship. This is a valuable experience to learn new skills working directly with professionals in the field of your choice. This experience is essential for university students who wish to build their CV and for better career prospects. 

Our Work

The Zubin Foundation works with organisations of all sizes and industries to offer internship opportunities to Hong Kong’s ethnic minority tertiary students through the EMerging Talent Internship Project.  

Organisations can offer 1 (or more) part-time or full-time summer internships lasting at least 2 weeks (duration: 10 workdays / 80 hours to 2 months). We promote the position and share details of interested candidates who are then interviewed and onboarded by the organisation. The internship period is normally June to August.  

Our Impact

Our Partners

We are grateful to organisations for promoting and providing internships to the ethnic minority community.

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If you are interested in offering internships or finding an internship, contact Opportunity Bank at