16.8% of Tung Chung population is made up of ethnic minorities. This means that one in six individuals are ethnic minorities in Tung Chung. However, there is an invisible line that divides Tung Chung into private and public housing. Private housing comprises mostly those individuals in a middle-income cohort. Conversely, those who live in public housing in Tung Chung are from lower-income households.

There is little known about the needs of the lower-income ethnic minority community in this neighbourhood. It is critical to understand their needs to build social and racial harmony as well as alleviate poverty. 

Our Work

The Zubin Foundation’s community development in Tung Chung has 2 stages.

Stage 1: 2021 – 2023

During this stage, we aimed to engage directly with lower-income ethnic minority families in Tung Chung to understand their needs, connect them with resources, and help build an inclusive Tung Chung. We did this by: 

  • Youth leadership training 
  • Post-COVID family empowerment and support referral
  • Identifying the needs of families in the local community. Read our report.
  • Cultural awareness workshops
  • Cultural Immersion Tour: Learning Racial Inclusion in Hong Kong

Stage 2: 2024 – 2026 

During Stage 2, we aim to empower ethnic minority women and build an inclusive Tung Chung. The following components are planned: 

  • Community Empowerment
    • EM Women Ambassadors 
    • Home Visit 
    • Chai Gathering
  • Inclusion 
    • Cultural Immersion Tour: Learning Racial Inclusion in Hong Kong
    • Mini Bazaar 
    • Innovative Cultural Experience 


Arts & Crafts

Since 2021, we initiated home visits as part of the “Building Community, Building Tung Chung” project, targeting ethnic minority residents living in public housing estates to gain a better understanding of the needs of the ethnic minorities in the community as well as to provide them with the resources and support. During these visits and follow-up calls, our primary interactions were with mothers, daughters and wives. Through these in-depth conversations, we identified a significant need frequently brought up by the women: the desire to work from home to earn some pocket money for themselves and for the family.

We have successfully engaged with about 25 women in Tung Chung and beyond who have painted 1,500 pieces of coasters and bottles. This opportunity has not only enabled them to earn extra income but, more importantly, boosted their confidence and empowered them to do something on their own. Some of these women have even secured full-time jobs.

Photos & Videos

Our Impact

How Can You Support?

  • Be a volunteer tutor for Chai Gathering (individual capacity / corporate volunteering opportunity)
  • Join Cultural Immersion Tour: Learning Racial Inclusion in Hong Kong (corporate engagement opportunity)
  • Buy Hand-made Coasters and Placemats made by grassroots ethnic minority homemakers in Hong Kong (corporate gifts)


Our Sponsor

Swire Trust (2021 – 2026)



If you would like to learn more about this project, please contact: 

Vibha Karnik | | +852 2540-9588