The highest number of ethnic minorities reside in Tung Chung in Hong Kong. There is an invisible line that divides Tung Chung into private and public housing. Private housing comprises mostly those individuals in a middle-income cohort. Conversely, those who live in public housing in Tung Chung are from lower-income households.

There is little known about the needs of the lower-income ethnic minority community in this neighbourhood. It is critical to understand their needs to build social and racial harmony as well as alleviate poverty. 

Our Work

In this project, we aimed to engage directly with lower-income ethnic minority families, in Tung Chung, to understand their needs, connect them with resources, and help build an inclusive Tung Chung. We did this by: 

  • Training youth to provide assistance to the community.
  • Providing assistance to families such as food and referrals to other services.
  • Identifying the needs of families in the local community. Read our report.
  • Enhancing the understanding of the local Chinese and ethnic minority communities through cultural awareness workshops.
  • Training ethnic minorities to become culture tour guides in Tung Chung.

Our Impact

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