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In memory of our son, Zubin, who died tragically at the age of 3.

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Letter from Shalini and Ravi, Zubin's parents

Welcome to The Zubin Foundation. Thank you for visiting this webpage.

Zubin, our healthy first child died suddenly and tragically on 31 May 2009. Zubin was 3 years old. Zubin’s death changed our lives in ways that no parent should have to imagine.

Zubin’s death has sharpened our view that Hong Kong, our home, has large social issues that need to be addressed. Through The Zubin Foundation, our hope is to prevent deaths like Zubin’s and to provide a voice for issues that don’t get heard or addressed in Hong Kong. Our work will be research led and our approach will be collaborative in nature.

Zubin’s last words to me were ‘Mummy please help me’. I was not able to help my son live but perhaps together we can help create a voice for the otherwise silent in Hong Kong- so that all of us, together, can live with dignity and respect.

Thank you again.

Zubin’s Mummy and Daddy,
Shalini Mahtani and Ravi Gidumal

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