Opportunities & Scholarships

Providing Opportunities

One in four ethnic minority families live in poverty. With increased unemployment in catering, construction and the airport, the working poor have become poorer. The Zubin Foundation believes the best way out of poverty is through gainful education and employment.

We believe that Hong Kong's ethnic minority youth are an important part of our future workforce, and should be given fair access to career and education opportunities. We believe that the native Chinese majority should be made aware of the implicit prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping that their ethnic minority counterparts face every day. Our research shows that nearly half of all ethnic minority youth do not see a future for themselves in Hong Kong, despite 64% being born in Hong Kong, most identifying as being from here, and being the fastest-growing population in Hong Kong. 

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Jobs & Internships

Matching individuals to internships and jobs with inclusive employers


Capacity Building & Mentorship

Increasing skills and capacity of standout ethnic minority youth in Hong Kong. 

Graduation Ceremony


Providing scholarships to students from low-income families who wish to study at a tertiary level

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Tung Chung Community Leader Ambassador

Cultivating and mentoring youth leaders within EM communities, of whom can champion EM needs and interests across civil society



Boosting representation of ethnic minorities in senior government advisory and policymaking