Hong Kong has an ethnic minority population of about 3%, excluding foreign domestic helpers. This population includes Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, Filipinos, Indonesians and Thais. The largest of this population is the South Asian community.

As part of raising awareness of EMs within the larger Hong Kong community we are initiating a social media campaign to celebrate and tell positive EM stories.


There is a great power in storytelling and each EM story is so unique, so powerful and so inspiring with its own right.

This is a collaborative project founded and led by Anjali Nihalchand, Pollination Projects, Hannah Bent, Creative Partner and Daniel Murray Studios, Head of Photography and Video, working alongside TZF and more importantly with the EM community

This is a social endeavour to assimilate and humanise the EMs while educating the larger non-EM, Chinese speaking community of Hong Kong.

We are ALL HONG KONGERS, all shades of colour who are contributing to HK socially and economically and we need to cultivate equality, respect and compassion so we can wholeheartedly call Hong Kong our home.


(Here we would love some real life stories that come out of the work, “notes from the field” type of stuff, maybe a short but detailed story. Again, statistics would be amazing!)


(key sponsors, advisors, supporting organisations)

  • Pollination Projects
  • Daniel Murray Studio