School / Organisation

EM girls

Building healthy body and healthy minds (diet & exercise, stress management, love & support)

EM girls

Balancing your own dreams with family expectation

School Management and Teachers

Understanding South Asian EM in HK – Indians, Pakistani, Nepalese


Understanding the Status of Women & Girls in Hong Kong

School Management and Teachers

Discussion Dialogues

  • How to incentivise EM to study (target: Pakistani Community)  OR

  • How to manage cultural/family expectations with individual ones 

All Students

  • Hinduism in Hong Kong or

  • Sikhism in Hong Kong or

  • Islam in Hong Kong

All Students

  • Understanding the history of South Asian Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

Ethnic Minorities Parents

  • Understanding your children with AHDH

  • Understanding your children with Autism 

  • How to support your children with SEN at home

Ethnic Minorities Parents

  • Understanding Hong Kong and Education system

  • How to better support your children in learning Chinese

More details

  • Advise on how to communicate and manage EM parents

  • Advise to teachers and managements on managing parents/students relationship

  • Advise on how to reach out to EM communities

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