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Ravi is Managing Director of Gidumal & Sons Limited, a family owned business that distributes internationally branded tableware, gifts and homeware in Hong Kong & Macau. Under the brand name Town House, the company operates seven retail shops and a wholesale distribution business that sells products to leading retailers, hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong. In the 1990s Ravi led a lobby group in Hong Kong that successfully convinced the UK Government to enact legislation which restored full British citizenship to the non-Chinese population of Hong Kong. This community of “ethnic minorities” faced the plight of statelessness as a result of Hong Kong reverting to Chinese sovereignty in 1997. Ravi’s interest in public affairs and the plight of minority groups in Hong Kong was strengthened as a result of this lobby initiative and despite focusing more heavily on commercial interests in recent years, Ravi has continued support vulnerable groups and individuals in his personal capacity. Ravi was born and raised in Hong Kong. His family has called Hong Kong their home since the early 1900s.