Qureshi Muhammad Talha

Senior Project Officer

At The Zubin Foundation, Talha is responsible for supporting and driving the various initiatives under our Tung Chung Youth Leaders Programme, and for assisting with wider projects at the organisation. Born and raised in Pakistan, Talha arrived Hong Kong in 2008. Being the eldest son in family of 6, he chose to work full time and study part time in evening so he can support his family and finance his education at the same time. He completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Studies from University of Greenwich majoring in Event Management. He had an interest in helping the community and serving the unserved; therefore, while completing his education, he worked with three NGOs and gained experiences in Ethnic Minorities (EM) services, including youth, outreaching, employment, organising outdoor gatherings and community events, coordinating computer and language courses. He also represented the community in various public speaking events to voice EM views and concerns. He took responsibility of mentoring and leading a team of EM youth conducting outreaches across Hong Kong. Talha can develop a bond with EM youth quickly developing them into Youth Ambassadors to serve the community. Talha also has great interest in music and entertainment. He discovered his interest in singing at high school and performed in many events in his school, encouraged by teachers and friends he created a YouTube channel where he uploads music covers and make vlogs as hobby to kill his free time. Also, he gets invited for performances in various cultural events organised by different local NGOs. At The Zubin Foundation, Talha seizes the opportunity for further self-development, aims to use his skills and experience to work with youth, and continue serving the community to encourage them to achieve more in Hong Kong.