Nidhi Dhanuka

Project Officer

At the Zubin Foundation, Nidhi is responsible for supporting and driving the various projects which benefits and enhances young girls from ethnic minorities community on their education, financial needs, well-being etc. and also supports the ethnic minority community other needs with other projects. Nidhi was born and raised in India. She has completed her Master of Business Administration (Human Resource and Finance) Dibrugarh University, India. Her first job was as a High School Teacher where she had an opportunity to interact and understand young minds. After marriage, she moved to Hongkong and got opportunity in Banking Industry with State Bank of India, Hongkong Branch. Her professional experience in diverse industries has enhanced her planning, creativity, adaptability, critical and interpersonal skills. She speaks Hindi, English and Assamese. In her free time, she loves hiking, travelling, cooking, watching movie and most importantly spending time with her son.