Dr. Ravina Lalvani

Clinical Psychologist & Project Manager

Ravina is a clinical psychologist. She specializes in humanistic existential psychotherapy, EMDR and mindfulness-based interventions for individuals suffering from grief, loss, depression, anxiety and trauma. At The Zubin Foundation, a think tank and charity based in Hong Kong, she heads up a number of initiatives. In addition to managing the foundation’s Children Counselling Centre, she designs and leads autism and ADHD workshops for parents of non-Chinese speaking children with special educational needs, conducts parenting support groups, and is responsible for Call Mira – Hong Kong’s first helpline aimed at supporting marginalized ethnic minority women and girls in Hindi, Urdu and English. Prior to joining the team, Ravina was exposed to a wide range of clinical settings and populations as an intern. Her experience includes working at The Justice Centre and Christian Action, offering counseling to refugees and asylum seekers. She spent a year at Jadis Blurton Family Development Centre, learning about psycho-educational assessments. Ravina also interned at the Nesbitt Centre, Hong Kong’s only English language programme for adults with learning disabilities. Ravina was a keynote speaker at the 2021 International Existential Conference, and regularly participates in panel discussions on topics related to women and girls, ethnic minority mental health, and trauma. Ravina holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, a certification in Trauma from the Canadian Institute of Traumatology and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Widener University. She is fluent in English and Hindi. Ravina is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), and The Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong.