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Study found that 57 percent of ethnic minorities with special education needs (SEN) drop out of school between primary and secondary levels. The Zubin Foundation has conducted an in-depth study on the issues faced by families with non-Chinese speaking, special education needs children and the gaps in the current provision of education. The study involved 63 schools, 113 families and 17 NGOs as stakeholders.
Parents of non-Chinese speaking (NCS) children who are with SEN told us that they are a minority group within a minority group, and have historically been ignored by the education system in Hong Kong. Furthermore, Parents are stressed out with the lack of choice, stigma and lack of future opportunity for children with SEN. Families are leaving Hong Kong, or being torn apart, because there are insufficient education options for NCS SEN children here.


The Zubin Foundation is partnering with schools and NGOs offering free workshops for parents in the ethnic minority community with children who have Special Educational Needs (SEN). Workshops are designed to equip parents with simple home-based techniques to improve parent and child communication and to help children thrive.
Information provided in the workshops is clearly presented and provides information about a range of needs, including how to help children who have too much energy, watch too much television, have short attention spans, or need help focusing. Parents will learn tips and tricks to instill routines, especially for the morning time and for the completion of homework. We demonstrate the techniques of hand and belly breathing, and stress the importance of family time and games.
All workshops are conducted in English, Hindi and Urdu.


  • As of Nov 2020:
  • Number of workshops done: 30+
  • Number of attendees attended: 462
  • Pre vs Post Workshop
  • How much did you know about ADHD?
  • Pre 26% a lot, 36% a little, 39% nothing
  • Post 85% a lot, 14% a little
  • How well do you understand your child’s difficulty?
  • Pre 43%, a little 49%, 8% nothing
  • Post 73% a lot, 27% a little
  • Feedback from Schools
  • “Parents appreciated the workshop and found the workshops interactive.”
  • Feedback from Parents
  • “The clock technique is very helpful.”
  • “I realise from the workshops that dealing with special needs is team work.”


(key sponsors, advisors, supporting organisations)

  • Mayank Vaid
  • David Gething