The Problem 

Institute of Racial Equality Hong Kong
Is committed to enhancing awareness of racial equality in Hong Kong and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Asia.

Our Work

The Institute of Racial Equality in Hong Kong:

  • Provides training to companies and NGOs on DEI in Asia.

  • Makes policy recommendations to government.

  • Conducts research on racial equality in Hong Kong.

  • Raises awareness of the general public to racial issues in Hong Kong

  • Curates, moderates and speaks on DEI panels.

25 September, 2020 (Friday) 

What is the Status of Women and Girls in the ethnic minority community?

The Status of Ethnic Minority Women and Girls and CALL MIRA, the only helpline for women and girls in crisis.  We will launch our report on the Status of Women and Girls in the Ethnic Minority Community which will include key data, a review of calls to the crisis helpline Call Mira, and period poverty survey results.
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Full report and infographic summary

Ethnic minority children are amongst the most marginalised groups in Hong Kong, with one third in poverty, a higher Form 5 school drop out rate, a lower university admission rate, and a higher crime rate compared to their Chinese counterparts. Perhaps more distressing is that 57 percent of ethnic minorities with special education needs (SEN) drop out of school between primary and secondary levels. Those who are non-Chinese speaking (NCS) and have SEN are a minority group within a minority group, and have historically been ignored by the education system in Hong Kong.

9 October, 2020 (Friday) 
Diversity List 2020: Women’s Voices and celebrating 5 years of Diversity List
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21 Mar, 2022 (Monday) 

Listen and Learn | Calling Out Racism: How It Affects Children and Schools

21 March is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD).
To mark this day, The Zubin Foundation is seeking to raise the awareness of everyday racism in Hong Kong among students. We invite you to join our free webinar to hear about what racism may look like in Hong Kong and how to manage it. Our diverse panel will share their experiences with you. Please pre-register to reserve your spot.


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