Our research shows that EM children typically start kindergarten with no prior knowledge of Chinese. Valuable learning time is lost at the beginning of their KG education, as they are unable to understand much of what is being taught. The lack of Chinese language ability has negative implications for their learning of all subjects, not just Chinese.>

EMs are more likely to have access to the career opportunities later in life if they have a very strong Cantonese ability. Learning Chinese, therefore, may be considered necessary to reduce poverty among ethnic minority families.

However there is a lack of resources to help educators teach and support these children, as well as an absence of materials that can be used by non-Chinese speaking parents to help support Chinese language study in the home environment.


The Zubin Foundation conducted an in-depth study to consider the challenges of kindergartens admitting EM children - “Securing a Good Start for students of Chinese as an additional language in kindergarten”

Little Dragon Chinese

We are producing Chinese language learning videos for pre-K1 children from non-Chinese speaking families, giving young EM children knowledge of basic Cantonese so that they are not behind when kindergarten begins, and are fully able to grasp what is taught during the first few months of kindergarten.


(Here we would love some real life stories that come out of the work, “notes from the field”, a short but detailed story that gives some realism. Again, statistics would be amazing!)


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  • The Chen Yet Sen Family Foundation
  • Peter Bennett Foundation
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