18 April 2018

Press release: Diversity & Inclusion – Race relations in HK & China


Some of you may be surprised to learn that ethnic minorities in Hong Kong and China struggle significantly to be accepted by all walks of life from education, society through to the workplace. Often outcast from primary school age onward, if you visit Hong Kong, pay particular attention to rubbish collectors, construction workers, security guards, delivery drivers you will notice they are often ethnic minority men that can speak fluent Cantonese. Currently over 50% of all ethnic minority students are concentrated in a handful of schools where they make up 70% or more of the student population. This constitutes de facto racial segregation and is detrimental to ethnic minorities’ Chinese learning and social integration. It also creates barriers between different racial groups of our society, giving rise to misunderstandings and stereotypes. If you look in China, well you can’t even find them most of the time, they are outcast as much as people with disabilities which are also a rare sight.

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