17 May 2016

Press release: Which hospital would you choose? HospitalAdvisor.org.hk: rating hospitals by their Quality of Care


The Zubin Foundation today launched HospitalAdvisor.org.hk, the first Chinese and English language website to provide information to consumers on the Quality of Care in Hong Kong’s hospitals. The website covers all of Hong Kong’s 41 public and 11 private hospitals and provides consumers with a new and innovative way to inform important decisions.

“As patients, we only go into a hospital if it is a serious medical matter. And yet, we know so little about hospital treatment, so it’s difficult for a patient to know which hospital is right for them. We rely almost entirely on what a doctor may suggest and although the doctor may make a good suggestion, patients have to be engaged to ensure the best possible outcomes. HospitalAdvior should be used as an additional tool and does not replace your doctor”, said Shalini Mahtani, Founder of HospitalAdvisor, a social enterprise.

Mahtani is well known for her contributions to Hong Kong and globally on Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity and Inclusion, having been recognized globally for her work including the HKSARG, Queen Elizabeth II, and the World Economic Forum in Davos. Her life changed when her son Zubin died in 2009 tragically after a short stay in Hong Kong’s hospitals. “Our aim is to empower patients to make more considered decisions about which hospitals are right for them and to celebrate those hospitals that are serious about patient centered care”, Mahtani said.

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