20 June 2024

Press Release: Diversity List 2024 – Internationalism is Key to Hong Kong’s Success



The Zubin Foundation unveils Diversity List 2024:

Internationalism is Key to Hong Kong’s Success: Government asked to consider talented ethnic minorities on its advisory bodies

Hong Kong, 20 June 2024 –The Zubin Foundation released Diversity List 2024 and encourages the government to continue to onboard ethnic minorities onto government Advisory and Statutory Bodies (ASBs). Diversity List is Hong Kong’s directory of ethnic minorities who have demonstrated talent and commitment to serve on government ASBs.

With its various campaigns and initiatives, the Hong Kong SAR government wants the world to know that Hong Kong is open for business and tourism. The ethnic minority community of Hong, some born in Hong Kong and others who have chosen to make Hong Kong home, tell the perfect Hong Kong global story.

Shalini Mahtani, Founder and CEO of The Zubin Foundation said “These should be the faces and stories of Hong Kong and abroad. Their experiences as non-Chinese Hong Kong people can help to inform the government on internationalism. They are an underused asset.” Also, as Hong Kong’s demographics continue to change, the ethnic minority population are an important future talent pool, at a mean age of 34.5 compared to 46.3 of the whole population.

The Zubin Foundation’s Diversity List 2024 builds on the success of the previous five Diversity Lists, which have collectively put forward a total of 122 individuals for consideration by the HKSAR Government’s Advisory and Statutory Bodies (ASBs); to date, 33 candidates have been appointed to 73 ASB positions, accounting to 27%. [See Figure 1 on page 3]

Mr Chan Kwok-ki, Chief Secretary for Administration, HKSARG, shared in the Opening Remarks, “Hong Kong’s high degree of internationalisation is one of our distinctive advantages. We also proudly celebrate the cultural traditions, and civic contributions, that our ethnic minority communities bring to Hong Kong. Their wide-ranging talent, energy and innovation enrich us all. The Zubin Foundation has long been a close partner of the Government. We share a common vision of providing equal opportunities for our ethnic minorities and enabling their integration into the larger community.” (Opening Remarks Full Speech Here)

21 individuals were selected for Diversity List 2024 by an independent committee, chaired by Jeremy Young, from Spencer Stuart, Knowledge Partner.  “The Diversity List continues to help HKSAR navigate through the intricate mosaic of ever-evolving talent landscape, where diversity and inclusion increasingly form the bedrock of societal progress. Our shared effort to help enrich the Government’s choice of ASB appointments in the past has proven to be effective.”

The launch event for Diversity List 2024 took place on 20 June 2024 at Hyatt Regency with over 100 attendees from the African, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Malaysian, Nepalese, Sri Lankan communities, etc.

The Zubin Foundation, a local charity whose mission is to improve the lives of Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities, today launched the Diversity List 2024 in partnership with Spencer Stuart Hong Kong, a leadership and executive search consultancy.

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