Diversity List 2024 Applications

What is the Diversity List?

The Diversity List is a publication by The Zubin Foundation presented to the Hong Kong SAR Government. It contains a list of high-calibre, capable, and qualified ethnic minorities who have demonstrated leadership qualities and have a dedication to serving the community through government Advisory and Statutory Bodies (ASBs).

Despite making up 4% of Hong Kong’s population (excluding domestic helpers) and their significant cultural and economic contributions, The Zubin Foundation found that ethnic minority residents were significantly underrepresented in the ASBs. In fact, according to our study in 2020, only 1.9% of ASB positions were held by ethnic minorities, and 79% of them were white. Poverty impacts one-quarter of this community, with ethnically South Asian and African individuals being the most marginalised.* Further, this community is the fastest-growing population in Hong Kong**. Though critical to Hong Kong, ethnic minorities are not widely represented on government ASBs, which means policies are made without the views of this population being considered. This meant that voices from an important and growing constituency were not adequately reflected — or even heard — in government policymaking.

Since the first Diversity List in 2016, the government has made a conscious effort to onboard ethnic minorities to various ASBs. 122 ethnic minorities have been put forward as candidates to consider, and 25 of them have been appointed to 37 government ASBs. This represents a success rate of 20.5%. Besides the government, this list is widely shared with NGOs, corporates, and schools that are proponents of racial inclusion. To see our past DIversity Lists and members sitting on the ASBs, click here.

The Diversity List 2024 will be a list of ethnically South Asian and African individuals and will aid in supporting the Hong Kong government in having ethnic minorities represented on its ASBs. To learn more about ASBs click here.

*2016 Hong Kong Population By-census; 2011 Hong Kong Population Census; 2016 Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report on Ethnic Minorities

**Thematic Report: Ethnic Minorities, 2021 Census, Census and Statistics Department.

Eligibility Criteria for Diversity List Applicants:

  • A Resident/Permanent Resident/Citizen of Hong Kong
  • Above the age of 18 years
  • Currently lives in Hong Kong
  • Has significant experience in their area of work
  • Has achieved a certain standing in their profession
  • Committed to serving Hong Kong
  • Ethnicity: South Asian or Southeast Asian or African or Mixed Race
  • Prepared to meet with The Zubin Foundation staff, the Diversity List Committee, and Spencer Stuart for an interview if shortlisted
  • Agrees that The Zubin Foundation can share information on the nomination form with Spencer Stuart, our Knowledge Partner, and the Diversity List Committee, both of whom will not use the information for purposes other than Diversity List 2024
  • If selected, they are willing to have their profile published in the Diversity List publication
  • Understand that this is a project of The Zubin Foundation, and all rights are reserved by the Foundation
  • Agrees to dedicate necessary time if you accept a role offered in the ASB

Application Process and Timelines:

  • The application form opens at 10.00 am on Friday, 5 January 2024
  • The application form closes at 5.00 pm on Monday, 26 February 2024
  • Applicants will be required to submit a completed application form with all supporting documents (an incomplete application and/or missing supporting documents will make the application invalid)
  • Interviews of shortlisted candidates will be scheduled in the middle of April 2024 and conducted by the Diversity List committee
  • The final candidates will be chosen by the Diversity List committee
  • The announcement of the Diversity List 2024 will be made by the end of April 2024
  • The launch event to be held on Friday, 20 June 2024*

*The Zubin Foundation only presents the names of eligible and high-claibre candidates to the HKSAR Government. Being on the Diversity List doesn’t confirm the candidates will be contacted by the Government or appointed on an ASB.

Diversity List Committee

  • Committee Chair | Mr. Jeremy Young at Spencer Stuart & District Councillor (Peak), since Nov 2017
  • Mr. Gary Wong, JP, at Gaw Capital and Convenor of Community Participation & Publicity Committee of Equal Opportunities Commission
  • Ms. Meena Datwani, formerly at Ernest & Young & Member, Estate Agents Authority
  • Mr. Naubahar Sharif, PhD at HKUST and member of the Advisory Committee on Mental Health
  • Ms. Sabita Prakash, at ADM Capital & Member, Resolvability Review Tribunal of the Hong Kong Government
  • Ms. Theresa Cunanan, PhD at HKBU and member of Equal Opportunities Commission

Supporting Organisations

  • Equal Opportunities Commission


For questions about the application process or to arrange for a private conversation please email diversitylist@zubinfoundation.org.