Since February 2020, on our CALL MIRA helpline we began to understand that joblessness had become the number one issue for families. In March, on our Facebook page we posted a job position available in a mask making factory received and we received over 300. Applicants told us that they were desperate for money and the lack of it was having an impact on their ability to afford necessities such as food. Most hit were those families where the income earners worked in the airport, construction and catering. The ethnic minority community pre-Covid was one of the poorest community in Hong Kong with one in four families living in poverty.


(What we believe, and how we tackle the problem. Again, around 170 words would be ideal.)

CARE BOX is an immediate response to feed the hungry in the ethnic minority community caused by Covid-19.

CARE BOX CONTENTS: 2kg of rice, 5kg of atta (whole-wheat flour to make chapati), 1L of cooking oil, 1kg of dhal (beans), 10 adult face masks for each adult, members in the family, Art craft kit for kids

CARE BOX APPLICANTS: CRITERIA AND PROFILE Criteria: Anyone who was a permanent resident of Hong Kong, an ethnic minority and who had experienced a significant reduction in income.


(Here we would love some real life stories that come out of the work, “notes from the field” type of stuff, maybe a short but detailed story. Again, statistics would be amazing!)


(key sponsors, advisors, supporting organisations)

  • Swire Properties for Venue for packing Care Boxes and parking slots
  • Property management staff at Cityplaza I
  • China Chem Group for Mask via HKCSS
  • Christine Hsu for Stationary, Kids mask and Sanitizers
  • Feeding Hong Kong for Nuts
  • Fuel for Coffee Coupons
  • Helping Hands for Cookies
  • Applied for HKJC Covid-19 Emergency Fund for Mask
  • BizzieBee for Kids packs
  • Mr. Edward Lui of Providence Foundation Limited for Hand Sanitizer via HKBU
  • The Peninsula Hotels for Chocolate and Tea
  • Vinod Sharma of Ayuryoga International Ltd for Cookies and Nuts
  • Waseem of MIR Traders HK for food supplier, offering groceries at discounted rate

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