The Zubin Foundation is named after Zubin Mahtani Gidumal, who died suddenly at the age of three. 

Zubin means “to honour” or “to serve”.


A think tank and charity that works to improve the lives of Hong Kong’s marginalised ethnic minorities by providing opportunities and reducing suffering

We do this by:

  1. Conducting research to understand the issues

  2. Developing and implementing projects

  3. Influencing public policy to drive systemic change


  •  Integrity: Integrity and honesty are key to everything we do.

  • Service: We believe we have a responsibility to serve those in need.

  • Transparency: We will make available our audited financial statements to the public. 

  • Confidentiality: Sometimes our work exposes issues about an individual that, if known by others, may put that individual at risk. 

  • Politically inclusive: We will engage with all parties/organisations regardless of their political affiliation, in the interest of our vision. 

  • Collaboration: Collaborating widely is key to achieving our vision, and we regularly collaborate with government, academics, NGOs, individuals and others.

  • Best practice: We look globally for best practice and adopt it within our organisation to serve effectively.

  •  Innovation: Solving social problems requires us to develop new and imaginative approaches. 

  • Professionalism: We set a high standard in all our work and work hard to achieve this.

  • Valuing the team: We respect our staff and where possible provide flexibility in employment to help them balance work and life.