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We accept applications for internships in Hong Kong at The Zubin Foundation. Our internship programme is designed with the intern in mind.

Interns at The Zubin Foundation receive the opportunity to observe the day-to-day activities that go into running a think tank as well as to undertake research in a social issue that interests them. Our internship aims to challenge interns on an intellectual level while fostering curiosity and passion for social issues.

Features of the internship
Individuals on work sabbaticals, high school students, university students and individuals with undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications are accepted as interns.

The Zubin Foundation takes interns all year round for a minimum period of one full month and a maximum period of two years. Interns are accepted from inside and outside Hong Kong, though interns from other cities/countries will be responsible for their costs and accomadations in Hong Kong and arranging relevant visas.

The Zubin Foundation is willing to work with applicants to structure their internships in such a way that allows them to be beneficial members of The Zubin Foundation team while fulfilling applicable requirements for the International Baccalaureate's CAS requirements or other service based obligations.

General roles for interns fall under three main categories:

  • Research
    The Zubin Foundation conducts research related to specific social issues in Hong Kong.

    Our research projects vary and we encourage our interns to take initiative in their chosen areas. The Zubin Foundation will supervise the work of the intern but interns who conduct research will be required to work with a certain degree of independance.
    Requirements for research interns are:

    • Research minded with a background in social policy preferred
    • Fluency in written and spoken English essential (with spoken Cantonese as an added advantage)
    • Good writing skills
    • Demonstrated interest in social issues
  • Communication and Public Relations
    Internship opportunities exist in event management, marketing, social media, press relations and media research.

    Requirements for Communication and Public Relations interns are somewhat flexible; please contact Sandy Chan at for more details.

  • Administration
    The Zubin Foundation is a newly formed, still growing think-tank. There are many opportunity for interns to participate in day-to-day administration. This position has the most diverse job responsibilities.

    Requirements for Administration interns are flexible; please contact Sandy Chan at for more details.

Please note that all internships are unpaid. However students will be reimbursed fully for all out of pocket expenses incurred incurred in performance of their duties and agreed to beforehand.

Application Procedures
The Zubin Foundation embraces diversity and encourages individuals of all backgrounds to apply. Please send your application by email to with a covering letter and CV for the attention of Ms Sandy Chan, Programme Director, The Zubin Foundation. Your application should clearly state:

  • which area of work you are interested in and why
  • the period of time you can commit to The Zubin Foundation

Only successful applicants will be contacted.

Our Interns
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