Ethnic Minority Well-being Centre

The Ethnic Minority Well-being Centre (EMWC) serves those in the ethnic minority community who would like to talk to a counsellor about their mental well-being.  All counsellors are able to speak English plus Hindi/ Urdu.

For appointment please whatsapp: 6094 9859



When does it operate?

Every Thursday morning and Friday.


Where is the centre?

We operate in two locations:

May a client receive counselling from EMWC on another day?

We are sorry, we can only provide counselling on Thursday mornings and Fridays.


How much do you charge for each session?

We do not charge for counselling but we ask you to pay a nominal amount of deposit after we confirm the treatment plan for you. Upon completion of your treatment,  we will return the deposit to you and you will also receive a gift for completing the treatment.

What is the criteria for me to receive counselling?

  1. You must be aged 16 or above and are a resident of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region;

  2. You must attend an intake interview for an assessment to determine whether you are eligible for our counselling services;

  3. After we confirm that you are eligible and come up with a treatment plan, you must commit to:

    • Coming to all sessions that the counsellor recommends when times are mutually agreed;

    • Arriving at the centre 10 minutes before your scheduled session starts;

    • Making a donation each time you attend the session; 

  4. You must give 24 hours cancellation notice;

  5. If you miss more than one session without the 24 hour cancellation notice, we apologise in advance that we will terminate services to you. We are only able to work with those individuals who are committed to counselling.

Do I need parental consent for the counselling service if I am under 18?

Our counselling service is only available for individuals aged 16 or above. If you have not reached 18 yet, you are required to get your parents' consent in order to receive our counselling service. 


Do I choose my counsellor?

No. You will be allocated a counsellor after your first session.


Who are the counsellors?

The counsellor we have are Shinnie Steven and Ritu Verma.


Where may I find out more information?

Text or voice message via whatsapp at 6094 9859



Professor Chen, Eric Yu Hai 陳友凱, Head, Department of Psychiatry at The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Sharmeen Shroff, Central Minds

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The University of Hong Kong, Department of Psychiatry

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DLA Piper

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