We believe that ethnic minority voices should be heard by policymakers and decision makers. In 2015, we found that less than 0.3% of all members on HKSARG advisory committees were ethnic minorities. To boost representation of ethnic minorities in senior government advsiory and policy making, we run a number of projects and events to raise their profile.

According to the 2016 Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report on Ethnic Minorities, almost one in four ethnic minorities living below the poverty line. While there are a number of social services made available to ethnic minorities, we found that most are not shared publicly and ethnic minorities are not sure where to find these resources and services. The Zubin Foundation is trying to fill in this gap through its project, Opportunity Bank.


Diversity List

Boosting representation of ethnic minorities in senior government advisory and policymaking


Opportunity Bank

A hub that connects ethnic minorities with resources including training, scholarships and employment opportunities


Town Halls

A platform for constituents to engage directly with highest levels of government


Karma Giving

A way for businesses to engage its customers giving back to the community

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Policy Submissions

Research-driven policy recommendations.