Zubin Cracker

Zubin Crackers for Social Good

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.Value Chain and SDGs

The below diagram is our value chain:











We have chosen the below 4 SDGs to work towards.


To promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all. 

We believe in decent wages for all workers. 
A Hong Kong social enterprise that supports the employment of ethnic minorities assembled the Zubin Cracker. 


To reduce inequality within and among countries. 

We believe equality is critical for social inclusivity and economic growth. 
The Zubin Cracker was created by a diverse group of youth of which there were 7 participants from the ethnic minority community in Hong Kong and 10 out of the 21 participants were girls. 


To ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. 

We believe both producers and consumers have a role and responsibility in their production and consumption. 
The Zubin Crackers use recyclable paper for the cracker while the box is made from recycled paper. 
As far as possible, we have worked to reduce the use of plastic and used alternates made of metal, cloth and wood*.


To strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

We believe all sectors can work together in promotion of sustainability. 
TZF is working with 6 schools, 10 corporates, 2 hotels, 3 community fairs and 5 retailers to promote and sell the Zubin Crackers. 

*Due diligence was not conducted to assess sustainability performance in the supply chain




  • American Club Foundation

  • Hong Kong Football Club

  • Hong Kong Golf Club


  • Allen & Overy

  • Credit Suisse

  • Deutsche Bank

  • Emma Wallace

  • Hallmark Cards (HK) Limited

  • HSBC

  • Ignatica Ltd.

  • Kantar HK

  • KPMG

  • Lewis Silkin

  • Linklaters

  • Manulife

  • MTR Corporation

  • Page Group

  • Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd.

  • Schroder Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited

  • SEEK Asia

  • SEKO Logistics

  • State Street

  • White & Case

Hotels and Restuarants

  • Continental

  • EAST Hong Kong

  • Grand Hyatt HK

  • Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, TST

  • Hyatt Sha Tin

  • Mr & MRs Fox

  • Pacific Place Apartments

  • Upper House


  • Bookazine

  • Grand Hyatt HK

  • Hong Kong Jockey Club

  • Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, TST

  • Indigo Living

  • Lion Press Rock

  • Town House​


  • Anfield School

  • Australian International School

  • Bradbury School

  • Chinese International School

  • Discovery College

  • German Swiss International School

  • Harrow International School

  • International Montessori School

  • Kennedy School

  • King George V School

  • Rosebud Primary School

  • The Harbour School