Shinnie Steven is a qualified counselor and coach with more than 15 years of experience. Through her counseling she has addressed issues such as Personal Growth, Personal Critical Incidents, Job Stress, Job Loss, Depression, Work Conflict, Interpersonal Issues, Mental Health, Workplace Harassment, Child Sexual Abuse, Marital and Parenting Issues, etc. She is passionate about developing people through training and coaching. She has a natural ability to connect with diverse groups of people.

She has spent more than a decade in the non-profit sector providing counseling and training services to organizations and government institutions. As Director of Programmes, she also managed a team that provided counselling and training services to corporate clients and beneficiaries of the organization. She has supervised master level students and professional counselors.

Shinnie has completed Masters in Psychology. She is also trained in REBT from the Albert Ellis Institute, New York. As a coach, she has counseled business leaders, managers across levels and general staff on career, relational, work-life and issues related to emotional wellness in Fortune 500 companies.

Before joining Zubin, she worked as a psychological therapist in Justice Centre, Hong Kong, providing counseling services to the asylum seekers and refuges population of Hong Kong

Shinnie Steven
Lead Counsellor
EM Well-being Centre