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Institute of Racial Equality Hong Kong


An inclusive Hong Kong where ethnic minorities are able to achieve their full potential and access the same opportunities as other Hongkongers.



To raise awareness of racial inequality in Hong Kong against ethnic minorities and to propose ways of reducing that inequality.


What do we do?

The Institute of Racial Equality in Hong Kong:

  • Conducts research on racial equality in Hong Kong with a focus on ethnic minorities.

  • Hosts webinars and talks to corporates, NGOs and others.

  • Makes policy recommendations to government.

  • Raises awareness through talks and webinars.

  • Conducts training for leadership and management - for corporates, NGOs, educational institutes, foundations and academia.

  • Assists in individual race-based issues with companies and other organisations on an advisory basis

When did you launch?

In July 2020

Schedule of public launch events:
24 July, 2020 (Friday)                   
What you need to know about Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities?

The topics covered will be the ethnic minority landscape, how ethnic minority                            youth feel about their treatment and ways forward to build an inclusive Hong                            Kong.   
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24 August, 2020 (Monday) 

How is Covid-19 impacting ethnic minorities?

The disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on poverty and joblessness in Hong Kong’s ethnic minority community.  
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25 September, 2020 (Friday) 

What is the Status of Women and Girls in the ethnic minority community?

The Status of Ethnic Minority Women and Girls and CALL MIRA, the only helpline for women and girls in crisis.  We will launch our report on the Status of Women and Girls in the Ethnic Minority Community which will include key data, a review of calls to the crisis helpline Call Mira, and period poverty survey results.
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9 October, 2020 (Friday) 
Diversity List 2020: Women’s Voices and celebrating 5 years of Diversity List
For more information about the project, please visit our webpage 
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18 March, 2021 (Thursday) 

What is the Double Discrimination that SEN children face in public schools?

The issues faced by ethnic minorities parents of special needs children.
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25 June, 2021 (Friday) 

Attitudes towards EM Children in Hong Kong Schools: Personal Stories and Experiences

The prevailing attitudes towards darker skinned races in Hong Kong, in public and private schools.
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Want more information: 

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