Racial Awareness
Month 2021

MARCH 2021: How will your organisation support International Day for the Elimination of Race Discrimination?

To mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on 21 March 2021, we invite companies, schools and organisations across Hong Kong to join a month-long campaign to demonstrate their commitment to racial equality, raise their own awareness and support marginalised ethnic minorities.


The Zubin Foundation will be hosting a range of initiatives during March 2021 and throughout the year:

Public Events

EM Conference

Ongoing Support

Training & Panel

Provide Assistance


Public Events


Public Webinar (Free of Charge):

Systemic Exclusion: Let’s start with Marginalised Children

18 March | 1 pm - 2 pm

Target Audience: Corporates & General Public

Register: https://www.eventbrite.hk/e/141012695769


Public Policy Town Hall:

Speak directly to the Chief Secretary of Hong Kong, How Has COVID-19 Impacted the Ethnic Minority Community? Matthew Cheung (Chief Secretary, HKSAR) with Shalini Mahtani

18 March  |  7 pm - 8 pm

Target Audience: Ethnic Minorities

Register: https://bit.ly/3rxN85e

Raising Awareness (virtually or in-person)


Internal Training to Raise Awareness

1.5 hours (charges apply)


Lunchtime Panel Discussion

We can help you put together a panel*

*We ask for a donation

Topics for Training / Panel Discussion:

  • Understanding Ethnic Minority

  • Understanding COVID-19 and EM

  • Stories about Exclusion

  • Successes in the EM community

  • Intersectionality between Race and Gender

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For any queries, please contact Matthew YU, Project Manager at matthew@zubinfoundation.org


Conference Sponsorship Opportunities:

Racial Equality in Hong Kong: 

What we need to understand about Hong Kong's ethnic minorities

22 October | 9 am - 4 pm | Venue Sponsor: Eaton HK

Topics: EM at Work | EM at School | EM at Community

Target Audience: NGO-in-charges, business leaders, HR, D&I and CSR practitioners, social workers and community advocates

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Platinum Sponsor (HK$80,000)

  • Priority Facilitator/Speaker Slot

  • Complimentary tickets x8

  • Brand exposure in pre- and post-conference collaterals

  • 1 x 60-min Lunch & Learn

Gold Sponsor (HK$50,000)

  • Facilitator/Speaker Slot (first-come-first served)

  • Complimentary tickets x3

  • Brand exposure in pre- and post-conference collaterals

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Silver Sponsor (HK$10,000)

  • Brand exposure in pre- and post-conference collaterals

# Note, tailor-made sponsorship opportunity available upon request

For any queries, please contact Matthew YU, Project Manager at matthew@zubinfoundation.org

Provide Assistance to the Marginalised Community

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Sponsor a child at university for a year (HK$22,000)

Support financially needy children to receive tertiary education

EM generally have the lowest levels of education and this is sometimes due to financial reasons. Particularly, girls in some more conservative communities are less likely to receive further education than boys for cultural reasons.

To know more: https://www.zubinfoundation.org/scholarships

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Support RED BOX Project

Help girls stay in school and end period poverty

Costs HK$100 per month and covers organic sanitary products plus physical and mental health training (minimum 4 months)

Support the project: https://www.zubinfoundation.org/donate

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On an Ongoing Basis...

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Advertise Your Jobs with Us (Free of Charge)

Our reach is 10,000 individuals

We have helped match over 60 openings in the previous year.

  • Company name will not be disclosed during promotion.

  • The openings will be shared on The Zubin Foundation and our project's official channels – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and website.

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Provide a Summer Internship (Free of Charge)

We have helped match 35 internships in 2020.

Talk to us and learn how to start your first journey in racial diversity & inclusion.

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Bespoke support to help you on your race related work

Have us help you on a specific project related to race in Hong Kong.

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For any queries, please contact Matthew YU, Project Manager at matthew@zubinfoundation.org



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Racial Awareness Month

For your easy perusal, the activities and programmes on this page are compiled in a brochure (PDF format).

Download here >>


We are also in the progress of compiling a Racial Inclusion 101 Toolkit – make use of the toolkit and embrace racial inclusion in your community, networks and workplace. 

To come ...