Landscape Study: Non-Chinese Speaking Children with Special Education Needs

Ethnic minority children are amongst the most marginalised groups in Hong Kong, with one third in poverty, a higher Form 5 school drop out rate, a lower university admission rate, and a higher crime rate compared to their Chinese counterparts. Perhaps more distressing is that 57 percent of ethnic minorities with special education needs (SEN) drop out of school between primary and secondary levels. Those who are non-Chinese speaking (NCS) and have SEN are a minority group within a minority group, and have historically been ignored by the education system in Hong Kong.


The Zubin Foundation conducted an in-depth study on this gap in the current education system. The study explores the breadth of issues faced by families with NCS SEN children and gaps in the current provision of education. The study involved 63 schools, 113 families and 17 NGOs as stakeholders. 

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Sponsors and supporting organisations

Firetree Asia Foundation

Peter Bennett Foundation


U.S. Consulate General, Hong Kong and Macau

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Dr. Ravina Lalvani

Project Manager

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