Securing A Good Start for Chinese as Additional Language Students in Kindergartens

From the school year 2017/2018, the HKSAR government’s Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme made kindergarten education accessible to all families.  With more children from ethnic minority families entering kindergarten, TZF wanted to find out what resources are available to help educators teach these children.  We also wanted to find out what resources and interventions kindergarten school principals believe are most needed.


As a result, The Zubin Foundation conducted a six month in-depth study to consider the challenges and needs of kindergartens admitting children from non-Chinese speaking family backgrounds.


The study, “Securing a Good Start for students of Chinese as an additional language in kindergarten” bases its findings on interviews with school principals from 36 kindergartens in six districts with the highest concentration of ethnic minority residents.

​The research shows that segregation of ethnic minority children in kindergarten underpins difficulties of Chinese language acquisition. It highlights a lack of appropriate resources to help educators teach and support these children as well as an absence of materials that can be used by non-Chinese speaking parents to help support Chinese language study in the home environment.


The report makes recommendations for measures to be taken by HKSAR government and NGOs to make all kindergartens more inclusive and to make teaching and language support resources accessible to all kindergartens.


Full report and infographic summary

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