Karma Giving 

Karma means what goes around, comes around; the idea that our actions in the present can contribute to our future wellbeing.


At The Zubin Foundation, we strongly believe that giving should be an integral part of an organisation’s DNA.  Karma Giving is a way for businesses to give back to the community and harness the power they have to educate their customers about the good work the foundation is doing with the ethnic minority community.  It also gives consumers a chance to donate in an easy way to a credible organisation- while having a beer for an example, why not contribute to help others?


We are currently piloting KARMA KEG.  


How it works:


The participating bar donates a keg of beer every week. The beer from that keg has no particular price attached to it, allowing customers instead choosing how much they pay for a pint. All proceeds from that keg will go towards projects of The Zubin Foundation. You can pay as much as you like – but with your karma on the line, it’s worth considering the value of your dollar!

Places of operation:


8 Holland St, Kennedy Town

Every Monday 4-7pm

Rye on Wood Beer


Shop R001, Civic Square, Elements, Tsim Sha Tsui

Every Friday 4-8pm

Asahi Beer

For more information:

Sandy Chan


          : @karmakeghk


We would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for their support towards the

Karma Keg initiative:

  • Donations of Karma Keg: Alvy's and McSorley's

  • Logo Design: Mayura Yadav

  • Digital and Social Media Marketing Support: Shayari Shaha

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