In an era of greater customer empowerment and transparency, we believe that patients and their loved ones should not be left behind. In fact, research shows that hospitals that put patients at the centre of their service delivery are also those that end up with the greatest positive patient outcomes.


HospitalAdvisor, developed and run by The Zubin Foundation in partnership with the Harvard Global Health Institute, is Hong Kong’s first and only independent platform that compares hospitals by quality of care as determined by the experiences of actual patients.


It is aimed at empowering patients and their families with information and celebrating patient-centred hospitals.


HospitalAdvisor covers all 42 public hospitals and 11 private hospitals in Hong Kong. It is free of charge and is available in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

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How you can support

Please complete this survey if you have been admitted to hospital anytime in the last three months, or circulate this survey if you know of anyone who has been admitted and has an experience to share.



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