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Emergency Relief

The Zubin foundation aims to reduce the immediate suffering of our service users. Our emergency relief programmes focus on helping families and girls who are unable to afford the basic daily necessities such as food and period care products. 


Care Box: Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Zubin Foundation has been receiving distress calls from families who have lost their only source of income because of their jobs in construction, airport and catering. Many of these families have little or no savings and children and adults are going hungry. The foundation has started distributing CARE BOXes containing food and masks to the EM families affected by COVID-19. 

Red Box: Due to the pandemic and economic recession more youth are being asked to stop their further studies and try to find work to help support their families.​ It's observed that women and girls are amongst the worst affected. ​In our survey last year, 65% of our ethnic minorities girls said that if they received free menstrual products, the financial “burden” on their family would lessen. The foundation distributes free period care products and gives workshops on menstrual hygiene and well-being to the Red Box girls.

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Care Box

Distribute groceries to the EM families affected by COVID-19

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Red Box

Address Period Poverty and help girls to stay in school