Children & Parents

Children & Parents

We believe that all children, including ethnic minority children, have a right to education that allows them to achieve fullest potential. We believe that ethnic minority children should be able to learn Chinese in order to enjoy the same opportunities as their native Chinese counterparts. We believe that ethnic minority children with special education needs should be given every opportunity to flourish.


Our research shows that 57% of ethnic minority children with special educational needs drop out of primary school, compared to just 5% of their Chinese counterparts. In addition, ethnic minority children who do not learn Cantonese in kindergarten end up in English Medium of Instruction schools, which tend to lead to fewer job opportunities. 


SEN Centre

Providing counselling services for children with SEN and equipping their parents with knowledge.

Teacher and Student

Parent workshops

Equipping parents of special needs children with important skills to communicate, cope and thrive.


Special education needs

Highlighting systemic issues facing non-Chinese speaking children with special education needs. 

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Kindergarten education

Making kindergartens more inclusive for children learning Chinese as an additional language.