Desi Girl Friendship Circle

From the work we do with ethnic minority women and girls, we learn from the girls that ethnic minority girls lack visible role models from the South Asian community. Young girls have told us that one of their greatest fears is poverty.


Desi Girl Friendship Circle is an opportunity for ethnic minority girls, mostly university students, aged between 18- 25 years old (mentees) to meet with passionate and committed South Asian women (mentors). The 2019-2020 project is funded by 12 mentors.

Details of the project

There are 6 Desi Girl Friendship Circle Dinners between September 2019 and May 2020. Each dinner give the mentees opportunities to network, ask questions, discuss issues and concerns, and hear the stories of successful, talented South Asian women.



For young girls/mentees

  • Access to successful South Asian women who are the mentors

  • Find role models: A network of experienced women who are willing to help them navigate personal and professional issues

  • Make trusted friends with young women their age in the ethnic minority community

  • Ask questions/ share concerns around themed discussions

  • Share information about physical, emotional and mental health

  • Provide a safe space to share their thoughts and concerns


For mentors

  • Gain insights into the lives of young ethnic minority girls

  • Share their life experiences

  • Listen to the concerns of young women and give friendly advice

  • Share wisdom and knowledge

  • Give back to the society

Sponsors and supporting organisations

The 2019-2020 project is funded by the 12 mentors

For more information

Ms. Vinee Kapoor

Project Manager