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Opportunity Bank is a HUB which connects ethnic minorities with resources such as jobs, upskilling training courses, scholarships as well as healthcare services in a one-stop, easy to access platform. Through a collaboration model with different service providers: corporates/SMEs, funders, schools, etc., Opportunity Bank seeks to push for greater transparency and accessibility to information, better allocation of resources and will identify service gaps.


The objective of this initiative is to empower and support the ethnic minority community by enhancing employment and education, reducing poverty, bettering quality of life as a result as well as improving upward mobility.

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Job Matching Service

Job opportunity is one of the core focuses under Opportunity Bank – being the bridge between ethnic minority job seekers and companies who have vacancies. There is no better way to enhance one’s quality of life and social mobility by having a job, unleashing potential and contributing to society.

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Please fill in the information in this form to provide us with some basic information and a member of our staff will contact you.

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If your company has job openings and you are considering to recruit ethnic minority, share the job descriptions with us, and we will contact you later for more details. 

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Upskilling Training Courses


"Knowledge is power" - a better education is the key to a better quality of life. It is necessary that everyone keeps enriching their skillset to handle different matters in life – from job seeking, interviewing to leisure. Opportunity Bank is partnering with various organisations to produce both online and in-person training courses.


Educational Opportunity


Better education is the key to better quality of life and upward mobility for both the children and their families. Opportunity Bank is organising an Ethnic Minority Scholarship Fair, to raise awareness of scholarships available to the ethnic minority community as well as to provide scholarship providers with easy access to a pool of talents. 


The Fair is tentatively taken place on Sat 9 November, 10 am – 12.30 pm.


Social and Healthcare Services


Learning from The Zubin Foundation’s work, we understand that our ethnic minority may not be aware of the social and healthcare services to which they are entitled. They also express having financial difficulty in affording the services. The Opportunity Bank platform can provide support in referring the ones in need to the relevant service providers.


Useful Information and Resources


On the Opportunity Bank platform, we will also put up various useful information and resource. 

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