Fundraising Committee


To raise funds for and increase awareness of The Zubin Foundation 


  1. Don Taylor (Chairman)

  2. Danish Qureshi

  3. Guneet Banga

  4. Howard Ling

  5. Mohsin Gadit

  6. Prachi Phadnis

  7. Ranoo Wasan

  8. Ravi Gidumal

  9. Raymond Porter

  10. Sara Chan

Ethnic Minority Well-being Centre Advisory Committee


To provide advice for the Ethnic Minority Well-being Centre project, meeting 3 to 4 times a year

List of Advisors

  1. Dinesh BHUGRA

  2. Eric CHEN

  3. Roger NG

  4. Michael WONG

  5. Paul WONG

Call Mira Legal Leads


Our group of Lawyers who provide us with legal information on a needs basis on issues related to people who call our helpline.

Legal Leads

  1. Archana KOTECHA

  2. Gladys LI

  3. Kay CHAN

  4. Puja KAPAI

Scholarships' Committee


We have a robust committee that independently selects the candidates for The Zubin Foundation scholarships.


  1. Catherine Husted (Chairperson)

  2. Jafar Amin

  3. Mehvesh Mumtaz Ahmed

  4. Nick Studholme-Wilson

  5. Zoya Ahmad

SEN Centre Advisory Committee


To provide advise on the workflow and protocols  for the Centre as well as recommend professionals who can help.


  1. Dr. Melissa Ortega

  2. Dr. Reena Choi

  3. Dr. Se Fong Hung
  4. Sharmila Rodricks

  5. Urvi Kamdar

  6. Dr. Valerie Pereira

  7. Dr. Wong Lai Yin

  8. Peggy Kan (Observer)

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