Care Box for kids affected by COVID-19


The Zubin Foundation’s CARE BOX started in April 2020 as a direct response to Covid-19 and the impact on joblessness and poverty in the already marginalised ethnic minority community. Most of these families have lost their only income earner who used to work at the airport, in the catering industry or on construction.  Even when some degree of normalcy comes back to Hong Kong, it will be this population who will be amongst the slowest to find their feet again.


With the help of 150 volunteers we distributed CARE BOXES to 700 families all over Hong Kong.  See link for map distribution.


In some of these families, the children are the worst impacted. Families have told us that they need milk (for nutrition) and English books. These items are very difficult to afford and they are critical for the physical and mental growth of children. Children need these items when there is school and when there is no school.

Each KIDS CARE BOX will be for children in primary school (aged 6 to 12) and will include (subject to availability):

  • 3 x English Language Reading Books

  • 2 x children's art and craft kits

  • 1 x pair of shoes for each girl (size 13-5, approx age 6-11)

  • Essential Food Items

    • Dhal x 1kg

    • Atta x 5kg / Rice x 2kg

    • Milk x 4L (families told us that they need Milk)

  • In addition to the items above, each family member age 11 or above gets 10 x adult mask



Please sign up to help these children by donating HK$130 for one KIDS CARE BOX.


Special Thanks to Our Amazing Care Box for Kids Special Taskforce:

  • Axel Scholz 

  • Kai Marcel Scholz

  • Kyle Johnson

For more information如有任何查詢:

Tel: 2540-9588 (Mon - Fri, 10 am - 5 pm)

請致電: 2540 9588 (星期一至五上午10時至下午5時)


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