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Tung Chung Community Leader Ambassador

Empowerment is key to The Zubin Foundation’s work, and an essential part of this is cultivating and mentoring leaders within ethnic minority communities, of whom can champion Ethnic Minority needs and interests across civil society. Aware of this need, The Zubin foundation has pioneered a Leadership Programme to foster the development of potential leaders.


The programme involves four phases, each of which aims to challenge leaders to be more involved in their communities, and allow them to develop the skills to take their leadership beyond the programme.


The pilot programme will be conducted in Tung Chung. Eligible participants must be between the ages of 18 and 24, and either live or study in Tung Chung. Those who complete the programme will receive $2000HKD as a reward.



Phase 1: Community Leader Skill-Based Training


These workshops aim to provide both essential leadership skills to participants, and the skills required for later phases of the programme. The workshops will be conducted across 4 Sundays in June. These workshops will cover the following:


Community Skills

  • Home visit skills

  • Sensitive Conversations

  • Mapping Resources

  • Sharing Resources


Personal Development

  • Peer Support

  • Wellbeing & Mental Health


YouTube 101

  • Personal Branding



Phase 2: EM Home Visit


Community leaders will conduct home visits to ethnic minority households in their area. They will discuss the household members’ aspirations and issues, connecting them with support networks or opportunities for professional or educational development.



 Phase 3: EM Tour


Leaders will coordinate and guide tours in Tung Chung, catering to ethnic minorities, all Hongkongers and even tourists. These tours can highlight the place that ethnic minorities have within the wider Tung Chung community, and provide a sense of belonging to the ethnic minorities themselves. Establishing these tours will challenge leaders in our programme, while simultaneously demonstrating the value that ethnic minorities bring to the wider community.



 Phase 4: Organise a Community Event

Leaders have to propose, plan, and hold a community event, with The Zubin Foundation offering to sponsor a budget of HK$30,000.



***Bonus Workshop Series***

The Zubin Foundation will also invite popular YouTube personalities to provide expertise on content creation, growing YouTube channel, and establishing a viewer base.

Register for the YouTuber Training Workshop Here >>

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For more information:

Matthew YU

Project Manager

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