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The Zubin Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation set up in memory of our first child Zubin. Zubin died tragically at the age of three on 31st May 2009. Zubin was a healthy child who died suddenly from pneumococcal meningitis. Our family went from being happy and complete to broken in a short spell of less than two days. We are grateful for the sympathy we received from our friends and the over 900 individuals, many of whom we did not know, who attended Zubin's memorial.

Zubin was a happy and loving child who was wise beyond his years. Our son loved the colour yellow, cars and wheels, the hot air balloon at Ocean Park, the Teletubbies and so much more.

The logo of The Zubin Foundation depicts the hot air balloon that I spent hours drawing for Zubin. The logo is a reminder of Zubin's short life and it symbolises love, freedom and hope.

Zubin’s last words to me (his mummy) were “Mummy, please help me”. These words have haunted me since Zubin’s death and maybe they always will. Although I was not able to help Zubin live, my hope is that through this Foundation we will help the lives of others – by addressing those issues that do not receive enough attention in Hong Kong, our home.

We hope that we can count on you for support. Thank you.

Shalini and Ravi,
Zubin’s Mummy and Daddy

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