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Statement on media coverage of Yau Ma Tei murder suicide
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Diversity List & Community Connectors 2017

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HospitalAdvisor -

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Race for Opportunity: Diversity List

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Others: Speech of Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary for Administration of HKSARG at the event


The Status of Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong 1997-2014

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Publications: Summary report | Link to full report

Pictures of the event on 23 September: Shalini Mahtani, MBE, speaking at the event | Puja Kapai speaking at the event | Panel Discussion


Open Letter for Peace

The Zubin Foundation joins Justice Centre Hong Kong and numerous other individuals and organizations in seeking end of discrimination against ethnic minorities and encouraging calm in refugee discussions through open letter, "Stop Discrimination: Community Calls for Calm on Refugee Debate". Full press release below.

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News Coverage:

11 Oct 2017 The Young Reporter Magazine Carrie Lam pledges better political inclusion of ethnic minorities
6 Oct 2017 Wen Wei Po 6浸大生奪首屆少族獎學金
5 Oct 2017 SCMP How Hong Kong’s private hospitals are failing their patients
1 Sep 2017 Stay Tuned HK “Sorry, you can’t come in. We’re not renting to Indians.”
26 Jun 2017 Harbour Times Hong Kong's role in furthering China - India Engagement
31 May 2017 Harbour Times Diversity: The Education Segregation in Hong Kong
30 May 2017 Hong Kong Free Press New equality watchdog members weigh in on incoming leader Carrie Lam, and the Holden Chow row
19 May 2017 Hong Kong Free Press
19 May 2017 SCMP Meeting the ethnic minorities breaking through Hong Kong's race barrier
10 Apr 2017 Harbour Times Ethnic Minorities Firmly on the Election Manifesto
5 Apr 2017 China Newswire Zubin Foundation Launches Diversity List & Community Connectors 2017
23 Mar 2017 Hong Kong Free Press Quest for diversity: Ethnic minority Hongkongers seek inclusion in gov't advisory bodies
22 Mar 2017 RTHK BackChat Ethnic minorities in public life
21 Mar 2017 RTHK Newswrap 22 ethnic minority Hongkongers willing to serve on advisory boards
11 Jan 2017 明報新聞網 郭基煇﹕林鄭任局長起 時晤各界青年
24 Dec 2016 蘋果日報 監警大換血 泛民無得留低 淪梁粉俱樂部 議員:不如改名撐警會
9 Nov 2016 CIPD Vast majority of people want to work with women but not for women, finds survey
21 Oct 2016 AM730 用數據協助病人掌握醫院服務資訊
13 Oct 2016 IODONNA Hospital Advisor: da Hong Kong una app per dare un voto agli ospedali
12 Oct 2016 Hong Kong Tatler How Shalini Mahtani Overcame a Tragic Death and Launched a Foundation
11 Oct 2016 SCMP A Hong Kong one-stop shop for advice about pregnancy and childbirth
7 Oct 2016 Huffpost We Know Why She Does It
28 Aug 2016 RTHK CIBS Programme:Cultural Dimsum 3
Summer 2016 Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Newsletter Launch of HospitalAdvisor co-organised with Zubin, 18 May 2016
27 May 2016 香港經濟日報 醫生非不足 癥結在公院難留醫生
20 May 2016 Harbour Times Ranking HK hospitals: Doctors on notice from critical patients
19 May 2016 CNBC The verdict on Hong Kong's hospitals
19 May 2016 Bloomberg Which Hong Kong Hospital Should I Choose?
 19 May 2016 RTHK Backchat Choosing Hospital
 19 May 2016 MIMS Trip Advisor for HK hospitals ranks quality of care by patient experience
 19 May 2016 EJInsight Think tank rolls out online hospital ranking service
 19 May 2016 StartUpBeat 醫智網讓病人替醫院評分(紀曉風)
 18 May 2016 香港01 醫院評分網今啟動 市民主導評分
 18 May 2016 SCMP ‘TripAdvisor for hospitals’ uses patient reviews to rank Hong Kong health care outcomes
 18 May 2016 RTHK Online platform to rate quality of hospital care
 18 May 2016 明報新聞網 【病人評分】醫院評分網「醫智網」成立 涵蓋全港41間公私營醫院
 18 May 2016 星島頭條網 「醫智網」啟動服務質素評級 助病人選擇合適醫院
 18 May 2016 頭條日報 「醫智網」啟動服務質素評級 助病人選擇合適醫院
 18 May 2016 on.cc東網專訊 醫院水平參差難選擇 智庫推評分網病人主導t
 18 May 2016 TOPick 「醫智網」收集市民評分 邀醫院回應投訴
 17 May 2016 LittleStepsAsia HospitalAdvisor In Hong Kong Quality Of Care In Hong Kong’s Hospitals
 17 Apr 2016 SCMP 'I think we are losing bargaining power': warning to Hong Kong on innovation and technology
 15 Apr 2016 Harbour Times TRUmp, TRUdeau, TRU-HK
 14 Apr 2016 Harbour Times Race Down the Path of Democracy: Ronnie Tong's Powerful Message,
 28 Mar 2016 SCMP Appointing ethnic minorities to public bodies in Hong Kong is a small step in the right direction
 22 Mar 2016 Harbour Times Minorities to Government: We're qualified and we want in
 21 Mar 2016 SCMP A case for inclusion: Carrie Lam pledges to tout list of 16 ethnic minority Hongkongers for government advisory positions
 21 Mar 2016 RTHK Think tank pushes govt with 'Diversity List'
 21 Mar 2016 now新聞台 團體促政府多吸納少數族裔意見
 21 Mar 2016 SCMP Diversity list: Foundation to publish list of ethnic minority representatives willing to serve on government committees
 21 Mar 2016 i-cable 少數族裔組織推薦精英進政府諮詢
 21 Mar 2016 星島日報 少數族裔冀加入政府諮詢組織 林鄭指交各部門考慮 (港聞)
 21 Mar 2016 商業電台 林鄭月娥指相信會有更多少數族裔人士加入政府
 21 Mar 2016 商業電台 智庫組織向政府推薦少數族裔加入諮詢會
 21 Mar 2016 蘋果日報 小彬紀念基金會首推少數族裔人士加入諮委會
 3 Nov 2015 EOC News from EOC (Issue 125)
 25 Oct 2015 SCMP Chinese Muslim leader urges show of faith from Hong Kong government to support minorities struggling to adapt
 7 Oct 2015 BBC News Hong Kong minorities 'marginalised' in school
 24 Sep 2015 成報 三成少數族裔找不到工作
 23 Sep 2015 EJInsight Ethnic minorities marginalized by language barrier: study
 23 Sep 2015 SCMP 57 per cent of Hong Kong’s ethnic minority children with special needs stop attending school
 23 Sep 2015 on.cc東網專訊 港大研究:34%少數族裔不懂中文難搵工
 23 Sep 2015 星島日報 少數族裔不諳中文難找工
 23 Sep 2015 中國評論通訊社 研究:超三成在港少數族裔因不懂中文?工難
 23 Sep 2015 香港經濟日報 研究:逾三分一少數族裔不諳中文難搵工
 23 Sep 2015 RTHK 研究:約34%少數族裔因不懂中文找不到工作
 23 Sep 2015 Roadshow 研究:約34%少數族裔因不懂中文找不到工作
 16 Mar 2015 SCMP Regulate private hospitals in Hong Kong for better quality of care
 6 Mar 2015 Reuters Women Leaders Join Effort to Dispel Misperceptions of Women With Power
 23 Jan 2015 Hub Culture - Youtube Channel WEF Davos 2015 Hub Culture Interview - Shalini Mahtani
 2015 AmCham Women AmCham Women of Influence Conference Awards 2015
 15 Oct 2014 Education Post Event Spotlights Inspiring Women
 22 Jul 2014 Forbes The Most Powerful F Word In Leadership
 2014 Joy of Power Joy of Power - Center for Talent Innovation
 2014 World Economic Forum World Economic Forum - Shalini Mahtani
 2014 Global Teacher Prize Global Teacher Prize - Shalini Mahtani


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