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Race for Opportunity - DIVERSITY LIST 2016

Hong Kong, 21 March 2016, The International Day on the Elimination of Race Discrimination in Hong Kong


The Zubin Foundation today launched Race for Opportunity: Diversity List 2016, Hong Kong’s first list of ethnic minorities that are qualified and committed to serve on Hong Kong’s government committees. The list profiles 16 individuals across various professions who nominated themselves and who have been through a screening process with Spencer Stuart, a leading recruitment firm and partner on the project.


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Press release
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Carrie Lam 2

Speech by Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary for Administration of HKSARG at the event


Speech | Video


Group Photo

Launch of Race for Opportunity: Diversity List

Shalini Speech by Shalini Mahtani, Co-Founder and Chair of The Zubin Foundation
panel Panel Discussion on “The Importance of Diversity on Government Bodies, voluntary committees and corporate boards in Hong Kong
Alice Au, Board Director, Spencer Stuart
Michael Chan, Chief Operations officer, Equal Opportunities Commission
Girish Jhunjhnuwala, Founder and CEO, Ovolo Group
Dr. Naubahar Sharif, Associate Professor, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Anita Gidumal, Finance Adviser, Luxe City Guides
Dr. Theresa Cunanan, Senior Lecturer, Hong Kong Baptist University



Congratulations to six of our 2016 Finalists who was invited to join the seven government advisory committees:

DL appointment Rizwan EOC   DL appointment Rizwan   Anita West Kowloon   Shalini S 2 01   Sabita Prakash 01   TheresaCunanan 02 03   AnitaGidumal 02 03   VijayHarilela 02 03


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